Friday, January 14, 2011

"And then I fell into a manhole"

I am waiting for Amy at school parked outside of the TEE building, talking on the phone with Sarah, when I hear someone banging on the window. I look around and Amy is screaming at me. I hang up and go out to see what Amy is yelling about and there I see her pointing at a huge manhole. It seems that she dropped her keys into the manhole right next to where I was parked. My first thought was, "great, she has the only pair of house keys." (I had lost mine a couple of days before." Second thought, "ok, ok let's call BYU or Provo City and figure out who would be able to help us." Third thought, "We are at the perfect building on campus (technology and engineering building) with probably some of the best resources, let's put our problem solving skills to good use."

As Amy started to calm down, she points to the license plate next to ours, and lo and behold ...

It's a fish.

She then says, "let's go fishing!"

So we run upstairs to the woods lab. We find exactly what we needed. We find a huge long wooden pole from a trebuchet. We then strap on several magnets looped around a paper clip with duck tape.

As we are walking back out to the car, we started laughing because we found exactly what we needed and we knew it was going to work.

We got the keys on our first try!

It is probably a combination of our cajun blood and engineering background that attribute to our great problem solving skills.

(And you are probably wondering why this post is entitled "And then I fell into a manhole." It's an inside joke we have with a few friends in the ward because the first counselor's wife gave a talk for the first time and the first thing she said was that she fell into a manhole while she was texting. I guess no one else thought it was as funny as me and Amy because no one else was laughing. Hence, we thought is was ironic that Amy's keys fell into a manhole.)

To end, here is a picture of me and Amy g-chatting with Eleanor and Sarah after the ordeal...Happy Friday!


freddie said...

hahahaha thats hilarious!

Jessica said...

WHAT????????!!!!!! how come you never g-chat with me and my kids????

hahahhahaha. j/k. i can imagine amy with her red-faced sweaty self screaming about the keys. glad y'all solved all your problems. and also why did NO ONE else laugh about the lady falling into a manhole while texting? that's the funniest thing i've heard all day. well next to your keys story of course. hahahaha.

Katherine said...

ha, awesome!

Emily Curfew said...

loll- yall are crazy

Sarah said...

that is awesome!! and i love the pics! and p.s. i love your new header. you can make me one :)

love ya like a fat kid loves cake