Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Thus Far

I have had the most wonderful Christmas break with my family! It has been so much fun to have every one under the same roof... even though there are 12 of us in a small apartment. We figured we all end up in the same room any way so why not make that 24-7. Me and Freddie got to New Orleans first and we spent the first couple of days going to Thibodeaux and looking at beautiful Christmas lights and just spending time with one another. Next came Emily and Jeremy and they are so much fun to have around. We went to my favorite restaurant in the French Quarter, Palace Cafe, and walked around the French quarter and ended our day by going to Cafe Du Monde to eat some Beignets. Next pulled up Jessica and Scott and their 3 kids who drove from Cincinatti. The Kids are getting so grown up and we have been having a jolly ol' time! I think one of my favorite nights in New Orleans was when me, Ethan, Jacob, Amy, and Freddie went to City Park to the Amusement Park. You should have seen Ethan's face when he rode the Cups for the first time. You would have thought he would be scared, but he was laughing so hard and he LOVED every single ride. I felt like a little kid again especially since we were with Ethan who just loved every thing. City Park had the most majestic feel and was so magical that night-- pretty much like all of New Orleans. I just love it here and I even thought about moving here when I'm older. I am so blessed to be here for Christmas and to have such a loving and caring family. I have enjoyed every moment with them.

Gotta love Louisiana juicy good finger-lickin' strawberries.

Me and Jacob's photo shoot behind Paw-paw's barn

Cute little Sophie

Lil Ellie

Shane's Girlfriend, Brianne.

Isabella trying to keep up with the big kids.

The babies in the Chicken coupe haha

Brianne and Isabella

This is me trying to hold one of the chickens.  What was I thinking??? FYI that's all of the dust circulating or whatever.

Ethan was loving it

My Cousin Becca on Christmas day.  They have tons of chickens and cows and horses.  
Trying on masks in the French Quarter.
Graffiti in the french quarta.
The beautiful candles in the St. Louis Cathedral.

Jacob swinging on the big swing in Thibodeaux.

Beautiful house uptown on St. Charles.  I love the Oak trees here.  I always thought of them since a little girl as frames framing all of the streets and houses.

Me and Amy looking at all of the beautiful Christmas decorations Uptown.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Do you ever have trouble deciding things that are meant to be simple?  Maybe you are trying to decide what to wear or you don't know what to make for dinner, or even picking a movie to watch with your friends.  iShake has a solution for you.  If you have an iPhone old or new, dowload iShake now.  This phenomenal shaking device is a triple application package designed for you.  iShake is part Magic 8 Ball, part slot machine.  You just shake your phone and it finds a solution for you- at work, at home, and at play!  Shake all of your worries away.

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Tired of spending way too much time in the morning trying to decide what to wear? The Clothes Organizer application will do all of the work for you! Take a picture of all of your clothes, shake it, and iShake will choose an outfit for you based on color, style, and texture.

You know all those cooking ingredients you have that will make endless meals but your not sure on how to put them together? Simple enter the cooking ingredients that you have in those cupboards and shake away to endless combonations of meals. 

The Movie Finder application helps you choose a movie in a matter of seconds. No more wasting time trying to make up your mind to watch a movie with your friends. iShake lets type in your favorite genre, director, and actors/actresses. Shake it and iShake will choose a movie that would fit your interests. The Movie Finder also shows movie ratings and summaries as well as checks the availability of the movie in nearby rental locations. Happy movie watching! 

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Click on the link below to see the demo of how to use iShake:

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