Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random Times 2009

Here are top 10 of some of my favorite most random moments since I have gotten back from London in August:

1. My dear friend's Abby's gagstalicious bday party. I met Abby (blonde in front row) and Rubie (girl with yellow and grey stripes) while studying abroad London and we became so close. We were all in the same church group, which was such a miracle because there were about 50 people in the program. They are so crazy. So fun. Love them.

2. Seeing New Moon opening night. Abby brought a whole bag of vampire fangs and we went up to the front of the audience and yelled, "who wants edward fangs!" and no joke, every little girl started screaming-- it was hilarious! Right after, my brother, Freddie started chants in the theater for team jacob and team edward fans. he almost got everyone to sit on a certain side of the room depending on whose team they were on-- jacob or edward. ohhh freddie.

3. Being the photographer for Hogwarts for Halloween. It was such a magical night-- my friend Abby's family transforms their house into hogwarts for halloween every year. Words or even pictures cannot even give the whole thing justice. I have to admit that I was was not a harry potter fan until after this night. So amazing.

4. A $30 mask that has brought us endless entertainment. It is the freakiest thing in the world and I still get the shivers when I look at it. We do all sorts of stuff with it. We crash parties. We freak out other drivers when we are driving. We walk down the street with a walker and a few D.I. dresses to choose from. Priceless.

watch this if you haven't already...

5. Scooter rides.

6. Thanksgiving at the Wellings in SLC. You can look at pictures from a later post on my blog. It was so nice to feel like we had a home haha Also the Gruwells, my adopted family from New Orleans, were in town as well. We went to temple square to see the lights and got hot chocolate. so great.

7. Let's not forget Christmas! I spent one week in New Orleans and one week in Ohio to see two of my sisters who live there. I have a later post as well showing pictures. New Orleans was amazing as always. The weather could not have been more perfect and the locals couldn't have been more pumped because of the whole Saints being undefeated thing. Memorable moments include me and Amy cruizing the streets of the French quarter in our mom's mini van with the windows down, shouting things such as "Who DAT!"
The locals in New Orleans are so crazy. I miss that. Provo is very boring compared to dat. Also, eating at Cafe Du Monde in the french quarter the night before the big game was histerical. People were chanting saints songs. Me and amy captured some videos on our phones.

Christmas Eve, we spent the night at my Aunt Anita's house, who was alone for christmas since her son, Shane, is in Korea. I cannot even begin to describe how kind and loving and charitable my aunt anita is. She got me, amy, jacob, and my mom all presents (which was kind of a big deal because we don't really do presents in our family any more.) Any way, it was so fun chillin with her. We watched some wierd mexican family dynamics christmas movie, ordered some pizza, skyped with cousin shane, had maw maw and paw paw over, and had the best night's sleep in my whole life, since Anita let me and Amy sleep in her bed. The room was so dark, that at one point of the night Amy opened her eyes and thought she had gone blind. haha Love my Aunt Neet.

8. Driving all day Christmas day to Cincinatti (12 hours) because we could not wait to see my sister and her family! So many good moments that I cannot remember. Almost every night we would play phase 10. I loved playing with the kids, especially playing dressup, having photoshoots with my nieces, and reading them all books before they go to bed in funny voices haha They are hilarious kids. Ethan, my nephew, is funny. I like when he gets mad. One time, he was digging in the fridge and a fruit cup fell out. Sounds like no big deal right? haha well, this is his reply, "Who put the fruit cups in the fridge! Why would any one put fruit cups in the fridge?!" I loved his reaction because he is a very orderly kid. If something is not in order or in routine he freaks out. I think he is the funniest kid I know.

Here is a funny video that me, amy and freddie made on the last day we were in Cincinatti:


9. Me, amy and freddie, and the three kids went on an adventure to akron, about a four hour drive from cininatti. It was oh so exhausting but oh so fun! Here we are at sarah's cute house in Akron! It was so good to see Sarah. She is so sweet and such a good mom-- it's ridiculous : )

10. And Finally... my favorite moment of christmas vacation was-- my little brother Jacob swallowing a cough drop thinking it was medicine.


I love Jacob. He is probably my most favorite person in the world.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Meet My Family

Meet Eleanor

Meet Sophie

Meet Grace

Meet Ethan

Love them all SO much!