Friday, October 24, 2008

Chicken Little

Ethan wanted to play this chicken game that I made on flash. HAve fun!

Monday, October 13, 2008

"A child's life is the most precious thing in the world."

I made this awareness poster last year in my design class and I decided to post in up here.  Can you tell I photoshopped everything in this picture- from the background, to the fence, to the body, and the child's face.  

When rebels attack the small villages they leave no adults alive and steal the children away from their families.  Most child soldiers are abducted.  World wide more than half a million children under the age of 18 have been recruited into government armed forces in more than 85 countries. Help stop the use of child soldiers.

How to Design a Logo

Hey all!  This week had to make an instructional video using the program flash.  Just click on the link and you will be a design pro in a matter of minutes!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Sabbath Day ; )

It snowed today.  It was freezing cold, but it was beautiful!  I have really come to appreciate the beauty of the earth.  We had a ward fast today for Dave Chalk, a guy in my ward who has cancer.  He has the most positive attitude and is so strong.  I felt the tremendous love of our Heavenly Father today at church through the spirit and through the testimonies that were given.  First of all, I felt His love through my bishop.  He is amazing and you can feel his love radiate to each person.  Imagine Heavenly Father's love for me. His love for you.  His love for Dave Chalk.  His tremendous love for each one of His children. I gained an even greater appreciation today for Joseph Smith and that even though he had many imperfections, he brought about so much good into this world, in fact, he restored the only true gospel to this earth.  This really touched my heart today because lately I have been focusing so much on my imperfections and flaws that it was starting to eat away at the spirit.  I know that despite my imperfections, I can bring much good into this world. 

President Uchdorft gave a wonderful talk to the women of the church:
"My dear sisters, I have a simple faith.  I believe that as you are faithful and diligent in keeping the commandments of God, as you draw closer to him in faith, hope, and charity, things will work together for your good.  I believe that as you immerse yourselves in the work of our father-- as you create beauty and as you are compassionate to others-- God will encircle you in the arms of His love.  Discouragement, inadequacy, and weariness will give way to a life of meaning, grace, and fulfillment... You are choice daughters of our Heavenly Father, and throughout the things you create and by your compassionate service, you are a great power for good.  You will make the world a better place.  Lift up your chin; walk tall.  God loves you. We love and admire you."

Have a great week everybody and I love y'all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brunettes have more fun.

That's right. I said it.
Brunette's have more fun.