Friday, April 24, 2009

Read closely...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter : )

First off, let me just say how good Easter was for me this year.  What a spiritual day. I feel like this year I have finally come to appreciate the Atonement more fully and what Christ has done for each one of us.  I am so grateful for His Resurrection and for the chance for all of us to be resurrected again some day.  

Secondly,  me and Freddie were invited to his roommate, Todd's, House in SLC.  His family was one of the nicest families I have ever met.  I'm serious.  Such nice peeps  (haha get it)

Luckily, I brought my really nice camera from School and was able to take their family pictures for all of the Wilde family and for each individual family as well.

I really liked this candid shot.  No one knew I was taking it.  These kids were so much fun to play with!

Here is our Provo Family Easter picture for our Mama.
All of the kids just loved Freddie, especially this little girl!
"Hey lil girl... bring me some of that cherry kool aid!"  (you know what I'm talking bout Freddie)

I had to throw in this pillow that Emily made for me for my birthday.  It is absolutely gorgeous and I wish I knew how to do this.  Emily gives the BEST presents!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Photoshop Kids

This past week and a half, I have been doing my practicum where we go into the schools and actually teach. I taught at Canyon View Junior High School and it was a communications class, which I was very excited to teach something that I am going to teach one day.  Other groups taught electronics classes.  Me and my group decided to do a unit on Photoshop and teach them the basics.  Little did we know, kids are a lot smarter than you think.  Most students caught on real quick and were really good.  I enjoyed every moment and the kids were awesome.  We became bffs by the last day haha
The first day we taught them the basics of photoshop and how to cut out pictures and use filters and layers and stuff like that.  The second day I taught some basic layout design principles and then we taught them how to morph two animals together.  That was so much fun.  The last day that we taught we had the students make a magazine cover and a school ad and then presented them at the end of class.  The kids were awesome.  Most stayed on task and caught on quickly.  I loved it when I saw students helping other students.  It was fantastic!

Here is the magazine cover that a student, Caleb, made.  We took pictures of each kid holding a white piece of foam core.  we taught them how to make a picture within a picture and then make a magazine cover out of it.  There were so many other good ones that I wish I would have taken back with me.

We also had the students make an advertisement poster about any issue they wanted.  This one was my favorite.  This kid had some legit skills.

This is Jessie's ad that he made for himself as if he were running for student council.  I thought this one was clever.

This is the vampire Hilary Duff.  Some one did this on the first day of class when we taught them some of the basic tools for retouching and cutting out photos.  Kinda creepy I know.