Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Highlights from New Orleans

1. Making lots of chocolate freezie's with mom's magic bullet blender. We made sure to always have blue bell ice cream, chocolate syrup, bendy straws, and styrofoam cups in stock. I'm craving one real bad right now.

2. Church. I love going to church in New Orleans. There is always such a wonderful, unique spirit that is present. I loved LOVED teaching primary with all of the cute kiddies and going to mutual with the youth. The youth went to get hot dogs at the gas station across the street after cleaning the chapel. I can't believe how much the church has grown down there.

3. Christmas day in Thibodaux. Nuff said.

4. Spending time with my mama. We went to Houston's a few times and pretty much ordered the same things almost every time. Grilled Artichoke appetizer, Thai Steak Spinach Salad (I found the recipe here), and St. Charles Oysters were so delish! We also went to the cute boutiques on Magazine Street and I bought some cute things that I normally don't buy (i.e. scarce, hat, necklace.)

5. Rachel + Lexie. I love these cute cousins of mine. They came to New Orleans and stayed with us for a couple of days. We did fun sleepover stuff including painting nails, watching youtube videos, netflix, and lots of snackin'. We also went to Magazine street and ate at a cute cafe, walked around, did lots of people watching, and went to this cute, chic bakery called "Sucre".

6. Car troubles. Mom's poor Sienna mini van was a hot mess. A day after getting it "fixed", it stalled on the interstate. Me and Jacob had to push it to give it some momentum, then once it did, my mom wouldn't stop the car for us so we had to jump inside of the moving car! It was a James Bond moment...We took it to the dealership and had to wait in the waiting room for a while. There was a see-through soundproof room where we all hung out and had fun making fun of people as loud as we wanted without being heard.

7. Riding my mom's bike in Audubon park almost every day, listening to good music. This fills my soul!

8. Jacob. I love my brother Jacob and I feel like I get to know him so much more every time I go home. He is an amazing kid with such a big heart! Love you.

9. My sister, Sarah, and her cute family came to New Orleans and we had such a fun time. We went to the park, ate lots of yummy po'boys and beignets, and hung out. We went to the Riverwalk and Eleanor had a head-crackin' great time!

10. Amy bought a car! (and happily drove it back to Utah by herself). I'm so happy for her and the start of her adulthood with a car!

I'm excited for a new year and ready to "laissez les bon temps rouler"!


Emily Curfew said...

yay for a post!! I'm glad you wrote a little post with pics from your christmas break trip, b/c i was so sad i wasn't there with all of you!!!!! So I have to relive through these stories and photos Eleanore is such a pretty little girl. She has grown up so much (so tall!!) since this last summer when we saw her.)

i had chocolate freeze withdrawals after we got home, too!! I tried making them with our dumb generic blender, but it was a big huge pain! And we even shattered a wooden spoon in the blades while trying to move around the thick parts. Needless to say... it's no ninja!!!!! hahahahaha

i miss my lil bro jacob, too!!!! mwah!!! love you jakie.

mama said...

Great post...come back any time for more James Bond action. Also, thanks for helping out at church and at home. We miss you lots and lots.